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Tips & Tricks for a Simple Fall Porch

Just last week I was asking fall where she was at, but friends, I think she finally arrived!  Lately I’ve been all about skinny jeans, my herringbone vest, and eating soup every chance I can. I’m probably a little bias about fall because my birthday is in October, but fall is absolutely my favorite season. The changing leaves, the crisp air, and pumpkins… I just can’t get enough!

Don’t Buy New Unless You Have To!

I think this is the most important tip to keeping your front porch decor inexpensive! When I was decorating my porch, I knew I had to have pumpkins and this year I really wanted mums, but I had everything else I needed. I already have these great crates that I bought off Facebook for $5 each so I decided to use one of those for height in my decor. If you think you want a crate, but don’t have one, here are a few of my favorites!

I also love the black lanterns that I have around my house! Mine are leftover from my wedding, but can find cute, inexpensive lanterns anywhere. Here are a few that would look perfect on any porch!

I also love this sparkly “B” that I have! We used this at our wedding as a piece of fun decor so naturally it had to be added to my front porch. I am so lucky to have scored this for $2 at a craft store because it was being clearanced out, but they are so easy to make! Purchase the letter(s) of your choice, paint with acrylic paint (those cute little bottles will do), if you want to add glitter, modge podge after paint is dry and pour all that glitter on there!

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Let’s Talk About All Our Little Live Friends.

I am so inspired by Liz, owner of The Found Cottage in Hudsonville, MI. Her fall front porch is gorgeous and I couldn’t keep myself from buying some mums after I saw hers. Mums usually start arriving mid-September in greenhouses and even grocery stores. I am not someone that has a green thumb what-so-ever, but my mums have been fairly easy to keep alive. So head to your nearest greenhouse or grocer and pick a few up!

Okay, so I’m not going to lie, I left the best for last. With my obsession for fall comes an obsession of pumpkins. Orange, white, green, warty, big, little it doesn’t matter… I love them all. If you have the room for a garden, I say plant and grow your own! If you don’t have the room or patience, head to the rural back roads with some cash in hand and buy pumpkins at your favorite local farm stands. In my opinion, a variety or colors and sizes is best! I love to create a stack somewhere on my porch.

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Now it’s your turn friends, decorate that porch, you know you want to! Be sure to tag us in your creations on social media. Want more DIY ideas? Head to our Up-Cycle Candle Tutorial next!

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