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DIY Hack: Up-Cycle Your Old Candles

Candles give me such a sense of calm and relaxation. Have you ever had that one candle you love to burn, but you don’t want to burn the wick to the end because you won’t be able to smell it ever again? I have! It’s my favorite Target candle… it smells just like early June. Can early June even have a smell? Trust me, I’m pretty certain it does! It smells like fresh picked peonies — my favorite flower of all time — with just a touch of magnolia. It smells absolutely beautiful. I have to admit, my pumpkin pecan waffle candle is a close favorite, it smells delicious. You’re probably thinking, so what Ashley, why are you telling me this? Let me be the first to tell you that your favorite scented candles can last just a little bit longer with an hour of your time!

Up-cycle, Candles, DIY Hack, DIY, Candle Hack, Reuse, Fall Scent, Summer Scent, Summer Candle, Fall Candle

Please use caution when following this DIY Hack! Candle containers can get extremely hot due to the boiling water!


You’ll need a few things to get started! You probably have half of them just laying around the house, but may need to pick up the others.

Candles, Candle, Fall Scent, Summer Scent, Scented Candles

Ready? Let’s get started!

Prepping Your Old Candles –

My peony & magnolia candle still had so much wax left, but somehow it ended up on the side of my jar — which was why I wanted to melt it down and revamp it! After you’ve gathered all your supplies, start by boiling 2-4 cups of water. You’ll want enough water to cover the remaining wax in your jar at least half way. When your water is at a steady boil, turn your burner down to medium heat and add your candles.

Some of you may have a loose candle, meaning it’s not currently in a jar. This is okay! Grab an old tin can (cleaned) and set your candle in the tin. Follow the same instructions above. If your loose candle is taller than the can, be sure to keep an eye on it as it begins to melt.

You should see your candle begin to melt pretty quick!

Prepping Your New Candles –

So your old candles¬†are melting, now it’s time to prep your jar for your new candle!

First be sure to lay out some parchment or wax paper to keep any drips off the counter. If you’re using a new jar, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. My summer scent candle had so much wax left, but it wasn’t on the bottom around the wick anymore, so I planned to reuse the pretty jar it was in. If you plan to reuse the same jar it’s in, grab another heat resistant jar (this will be your “middle jar” — mason jars work great) and get ready to pour. Using your oven mitt or towel, carefully take the jar out of the boiling water and slowly pour it into the “middle jar”. Avoid the sides of the jar here. Place your “middle jar” that is now full of wax back in your boiling water unless your new jar is already prepped.

Now we’re ready for our new jar! Make sure the jar you are using is clean and free of any wax, dust, water, etc. Grab your wick, whether wood or a regular wick, and your adhesive dots. Place a glue dot on the bottom of the metal stabilizer and stick that to the center of your new candle jar. Give it a good push to make sure it’s really on there!


Let’s Pour!

Alright, either way you went, using the same jar or new jar, your new jar should be ready and your wax should be melted. If you’re using a regular wick, be sure to use a wick holder to keep it from falling into the jar — for a home version, twist your wick around a pencil and tape it. Go ahead and carefully grab your jar of melted wax out of the boiling water with your oven mitt. Slowly pour your wax in the jar you just prepped (the one that has your wick in it). When pouring, try to avoid the sides of the jar as well as the wick — this is very important! 

Time to Rest.

Now comes the hard part. You’ve done everything right, you’ve melted your candle without getting burned, put your wick exactly in the center, poured the wax oh so carefully… but now, now you have to let it set. Surprisingly, wax can take a while to set completely. You’ll want to give it at least 6-8 hours of rest time before burning that delicious scent again. I always like to let mine sit overnight just to be sure it’s ready for me to light again. After you’ve patiently waited all night for it to set, be sure to cut the wick down. The wick should be anywhere from 1/4″ to 1/2″ above the wax. This can be done with a pair of sharp scissors or a wick cutter!

Repeat these steps with any of your old candles that you just can’t get enough of!

Just like that you have a new candle to burn! Be sure to tag us in before and after photos on our social media or leave a comment below of your favorite scent! Looking for other DIY projects? Check out our Sewing 101 post!

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