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20 Must-Have Apps for Every Small Business Owner

It’s so easy to get lost in the hundreds of thousands of apps for your business! I mean, really. How many apps can one person really need to run a successful business? The answer: as many as you want! There are apps for everything from hashtags, to photo editing, from bookkeeping to tracking your mileage! Need to organize something? There’s probably an app for that!

Today let’s dive into all the apps that make running my small business possible! It definitely doesn’t make it perfect, but it makes it much easier. And did I mention, they’re free?! 

The Essential Apps

There are a handful of apps I use on a daily basis. I don’t think we really need to go into detail about those, chances are you’re on them everyday too. Most of the apps I use every day are what I use to engage with my customers & sell to all the mamas!

  • Facebook (separate app for Pages)
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Sell on Etsy

Instagram Specific –

  • Boomerang
  • Layout – Creates a collage of photos
  • Repost – Allows you to copy a link & repost someone’s photo in your feed
  • Hyperlapse – Easy to make time lapse videos
  • Preview – Lets you see your feed & what the next photo would make your feed look like
  • Smarthash – Easy to create hashtag lists & allows your to save and post to the ‘gram

Photo Editing & Typography Creating

Don’t you just love looking at perfectly curated feeds on the ‘gram? I know I do! We try to curate our feed as much as possible, but you know, life happens. BUT! That doesn’t mean that we don’t aim to have high quality photos for our followers! So here are a few of our fave photo apps: 

  • Canva  – Perfect if you use stock photos in your business or need to create images! There are a ton of business owners that use this one.   It’s easy to use to make anything from a shop banner to pretty pinnable pinterest pictures.

Use this code: to receive a credit for a free premium stock photo — they have the best stock photos, honestly!

This image shows how the app Canva can step up your game on Etsy & even on instagram!
I made this super super, Etsy shop banner in about 5 minutes!
  • Snapseed – A personal favorite. One thing I love about snapseed is how easy it is to brighten your photos in one specific spot without over exposing the entire photo!
  • Lightroom CC (mobile) – Another favorite. Lightroom is great if you use presets on all your photos! I have yet to figure out how to do this, ha! Nevertheless, I love being able to tune my photo exactly how I want it.
  • Over – I don’t use this one as much as I should, but have had great success with how easy it is to use! You can start with a template, specific to your social needs (IG Story, IG post, FB Post, etc) and create from there. This is a great option if you want to use typography in your feed.
  • Stories – Similar to Over! It has templates to start you off and you can add your photos to it to make pretty insta stories. This is my favorite app to use for polls — it keeps them nice & neat.


  • Mileage Logger – This app is so great & so easy to use if you track miles for your business! As long as you allow it to access your location while you drive, all you have to do is swipe left or right, depending on if it was a business related drive! I recommend keeping up on this one so you don’t forget where you’ve been.
  • QuickBooks – Another great resource! I don’t use Quickbooks, but there are many business owners that do! I believe that are even options for small businesses.
  • PayPal – This is a great tool if you don’t use Etsy & want to collect payments online! It also has an invoice option that works wonders if you have a lot of wholesale clients!
This image is to show what the app PayPal looks like!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the PayPal “Request Money” option in their app. I typically use the actual website because it has a lot more functionality, but the app is great in a pinch!

  • Square – Similar to PayPal! I typically only use this app for my in person trasactions, think craft shows & markets — perfect for all my brick & mortar friends! Use our code: for free processing up to your first $1000 in sales!
This show what the App Square looks like

If you’ve never seen Square, here’s a snapshot of how you can set it up! You can be as specific or non-specific as you want! One of my good maker friends has everything down to color on Square. I am more of a category kind of person.

If I would start to carry the same color options all the time, I may change things up a bit!

  • Your Personal Bank – We bank with Huntington & the app makes it super easy to deposit checks and keep an eye on how much money we have going in and out!

Obviously there are about 97 other apps you could download to run your business more smoothly or help you with a particular problem you’re having, but these are some of my favorites!

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite app is & why!


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