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    DIY Hack: Up-Cycle Your Old Candles

    Candles give me such a sense of calm and relaxation. Have you ever had that one candle you love to burn, but you don’t want to burn the wick to the end because you won’t be able to smell it ever again? I have! It’s my favorite Target candle… it smells just like early June. Can early June even have a smell? Trust me, I’m pretty certain it does! It smells like fresh picked peonies — my favorite flower of all time — with just a touch of magnolia. It smells absolutely beautiful. I have to admit, my pumpkin pecan waffle candle is a close favorite, it smells delicious. You’re…

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    Tips & Tricks for a Simple Fall Porch

    Just last week I was asking fall where she was at, but friends, I think she finally arrived! ┬áLately I’ve been all about skinny jeans, my herringbone vest, and eating soup every chance I can. I’m probably a little bias about fall because my birthday is in October, but fall is absolutely my favorite season. The changing leaves, the crisp air, and pumpkins… I just can’t get enough! Don’t Buy New Unless You Have To! I think this is the most important tip to keeping your front porch decor inexpensive! When I was decorating my porch, I knew I had to have pumpkins and this year I really wanted mums,…

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    5 Must Haves for Cutting Your Own Flowers

    I’ve always bought pre-cut flowers from local markets, grocery stores and flower stands, but I’ve never cut and arranged my own. When my mom told me about a local dahlia farm that was doing “fill a bucket for $15” for Labor Day and I knew I couldn’t resist!I went in blind, not knowing a thing about cutting flowers, but now that I’ve gone, here are five of my must have things for cutting all the pretty florals & arranging them when you get home!  This post contains affiliate links — Please see my disclosure page for more information 1. Boots, Boots, Boots! I can’t say enough how important it is…

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