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    Wholesale Orders | How to Nail Your First & Every Order After

    I want to talk about how to make your first (& all future) wholesale orders a success! I had no idea what I was doing when I first ventured into the land of wholesale-ing. That's a word, right? It took a ton of research, getting burned a few times & a lot of trial and error before I got it right. So in the heart of community or competition, I want to share all things wholesale with you to help make your experience a success!

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    Successful Market Season Secrets

    Markets are the perfect way to put yourself out there & help your customers put a face to your business! It also helps all the market go-ers discover your brand if they've never heard of it before. It's like a breath of fresh air when new customers gush over your perfectly placed products! That's all great & makes you feel like you've go it going on, doesn't it? It should!

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    Finding the Perfect Markets | For You & Your Brand

    Oh my ‘lanta. Market season is finally coming to an end! You guys, when I say finally, I mean I have done 1-3 markets every month since May this year. At the beginning of the year I set some pretty hefty goals for my business. This was going to be the year that I re-branded, found a graphic designer to update my logo, and most importantly I wanted to find at least 1 market to attend each month. I look back and think, why did I choose to do so many? I really didn’t have a reason other than I thought it would be fun. This year has been filled with many weekends…

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    Pricing: How to Price Your Products Confidently

    Welcome back friends! Today I want to talk to you about pricing your products confidently! As a maker, you so often have to listen to what your customers want, this can be anything from price point to what types of product to make and carry. I sometimes find these voices can be so overwhelming and loud that I often lose my own voice because I want to make the customer happy. Anyone feel the same way? Raise your hand, don’t be shy. If you’re not a maker, I encourage you to keep reading, it will give you a better insight into how and why we price the products as we…

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